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To all the awesome, unbelievable teachers and staff. We entrusted the three most important things in our lives to you and have never once been disappointed. You all have been true professionals while never compromising the human aspect. It takes an amazing amount of patience and understanding to do what you all do. I am so thankful our three children started school with teachers like you. We will miss you all.
The C Family

AGP is such a great place. We have two girls that have grown substantially since they have been in attendance and they look forward every day to going to AGP. The staff is 100% focused on the children and I feel the mix of academics and play is a perfect combination for pre-school aged children. My girls have had such a positive school experience that they are excited about entering kindergarten, what a wonderful experience.
David P.

The center is so professional yet the people are so loving, caring, kind and gentle. I could not have asked for or found a more pleasant experience than what we have had at AGP over the past four years. I was always so confident that my children were well cared for! Thank you all so very much.
The B Family

I truly appreciate the love, affection and guidance you have given my children though out the years. I believe the foundation you have provided for their education will make future school years successful ones. But most of all, thank you for creating such a warm, loving, positive environment for so many children.
The M. Family

We selected A Growing Place after researching many other day-care providers in the area. It is clearly the best! What sets it apart is a well planned program, wonderful nutritious hot meals, and a staff that is stable, well educated, and extremely loving towards the children. We have recommended it to many of our friends and neighbors.

Thanks to each and every one of you, we have seen a wonderful rise in our son’s confidence and self-esteem (& appetite). He absolutely loves school, and he feels safe, secure and happy with you. We feel there is nothing more important in a child’s first school experience.

How lovely it’s been to be a part of the Growing Place Family again this week. Thanks for welcoming us back with open arms! Like I said…it’s like coming home! . . .
The N Family

I really can’t thank you enough. You all are such wonderful people and teachers. It makes me so proud when I think of how you’ve all helped (in some way, shape or form) in laying the foundation as well as contributing to their early child development socially, personally, psychologically, emotionally, and physically. You really are a special and talented bunch of people.

I want to thank you for not only helping my son spread his wings, but helping me spread mine! It is tough to be on the other side of the fence, being the parent, not the teacher. You’ve helped me trust, and feel confident my son is cared for and is learning! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your staff!

In behalf of the family, I want to thank you again for providing a wonderful nurturing environment for learning. You were highly recommended by friends and neighbors-but you far exceeded our expectations. You and your staff have provided our daughter with a strong base for her future. Thank you.
The B Family

This is a long overdue THANK YOU and GIANT HUG for all you do. We are so happy we found you! Our children have thrived in your care-and have learned and grown so much. How lucky we are to have you in our lives! . . .

We had 4 children finish their pre-school education at A Growing Place. It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience for our entire family and has created both lasting friends and memories. There is a substantial waiting list, but well worth the wait! Great school.

I’ll probably still be coming to you for advice when my daughter is 16 heaven forbid. You and “A Growing Place” have been such a positive influence in our lives and I just wanted to tell you how much it’s appreciated….

Thank you so much for everything you have done to provide the best preschool services in the area. You have helped my children in more ways than I can mention….I will miss you greatly . . and wish you the best in the future…

A great big “thank you” to all of the lovely ladies of A Growing Place. Words can’t express the gratitude we have for each and every one of you. You have made our children’s preschool experience absolutely the best. We were so fortunate to find true professionals and caring people. I still can’t believe this journey has passed and a new one is beginning. . . Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. . .

Thank you for supporting our children. They learned and got so many good memories in AGP. Thank you for being so kind, thoughtful, and caring. We appreciate it very much. We packed all the art projects our children made in the class and plan to keep all of them for lifetime, because they all are awesome. . .

I just wanted to take this time to thank all of your for all that you’ve done for our children. I really can’t thank you enough. You all are such wonderful people and teachers. It makes me so proud when I think of how you’ve all helped (in someway, shape or form) so much in laying the foundation as well as contributing to their early child development—socially, personally, psychologically, emotionally, and physically. You really are a special and talented bunch of loving people. I’m really glad that you’ve been a part of our lives. . .

A Growing Place. . .dedicated, caring, nurturing, thoughtful, professional. Too many great qualities for us to list them all. We want to thank you (the wonderful staff) for caring for our children for four great years. . .
The J and L Families

Thank you so much for another fabulous year. Your kindness, patience and caring ways are evident every time you enter the school! We feel so fortunate to have so many nurturing teachers in our children’s lives. We look so forward to another year with you and again can’t thank you enough for all that you do for children. YOU’RE THE BEST! . . .
The B Family

Thank you so much for making another year so fabulous! We really will miss you all! It is very apparent how much you love the kids and take the time to plan creative and interesting activities for them. Thank you, thank you
The D. Family

You are the best. That about sums it up. I am so glad that I heard about you. My daughter has enjoyed school and has built some great memories. Always caring, always sweet! . . . Thanks for loving my daughter as much as I do . . .

I want to thank all of you for providing a safe and nurturing environment, which allowed my daughter to enjoy two wonderful years of preschool. You are all warm, loving and caring individuals and I believe that is one reason why my daughter always loved going to school.

From the moment our girls arrived, all of you have made them feel welcomed and loved. We always knew that the second we closed the doors, all of their other “moms” were there to encourage, teach and to comfort them when they needed it. All of you have made this time in our lives a wonderful experience. As we look back, we will always hold our AGP family in our hearts – remembering all the love and smiles you give every day. Thank you!

Thank you so much for all your efforts. My daughter played and learned a lot. She enjoyed a lot. She got lots of friends, lots of experience, and lots of love rom teachers at AGP. . . She had wonderful time at AGP for two years.

Just wanted to say an extra special thank you for making our daughter’s first year in your school so much fun! She truly loves coming and that is more important to us than you can imagine! Thank you for touching our lives in such a wonderful way. Thank you, Thank you!
The W Family

Warm, caring, qualified. The director and the teachers are the type of people who give you the warm fuzzies when you meet them. I have never felt so comfortable to leave my children in a person’s care as I do here. And I can pop in whenever I like and I’m always greeted with a genuine, caring smile. You can tell this isn’t just a job to them; they really want to work with children. The learning program that they offer is top notch. And they have a beautiful new playground that the kids just love! Oh, and not to mention a cook on staff for health, nutritious meals everyday! I only wish I had known about this place for my other three children- but at least I found it in time for my youngest!
Posted by a parent January 9, 2009 on greatschools.com